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Visites de loft incroyable, de chalets cocooning, de petits espaces qui ont tout réussi. Bienvenue dans ces intérieurs malins !


  1. Posted by kayleejdennis__, — Reply

    This room is asymmetrical to me becuase nothing is identical. There are many different bold colors and patterns going on. I also feel that because of the bright white chair and the blue fireplace that the left side is heavier.

  2. Posted by nataliebrinkerhoff, — Reply

    This is also a asymmetrical room. There's balance in how the dark green and blue connect and the white fluffy chair with the patterned wall. None of it is symmetrical in that it doesn't mirror each other at all.

  3. Posted by rrayburn18, — Reply

    This room has some good and interesting balance. The blue fireplace/mirror balance with the small blue table and the blue floor lamp.

  4. Posted by genemollica, — Reply

    Like bright and comfortable but not quite so modern. Don't like seeing the legs of sofas and chairs.

  5. Posted by taodeco, — Reply

    👍 Unique Decor Designs ~

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